Rules & Guidelines To Import Cars To Pakistan

Published: 16th December 2009
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There's a big number of Pakistanis living abroad and many of them want to import cars to Pakistan.Many times the process becomes hectic and fussy just because of unavailability of appropriate information. This article attempts to provide basic information required to import vehicles to Pakistan:

At first you need to know whether you're eligible to import vehicle or not. Well, any Pakistani national is eligible to import or gift a vehicle if he's not a student receiving remittance from Pakistan, not a non-earning member of a Pakistani family and or not a

Pakistani national who have imported, gifted or received a vehicle during the last two years.

Looking at the first requirement, if you're eligible, you can import vehicle as personal baggage or on Transfer of Residence or as gift.

Now coming to the types of vehicles you can import: you cannot import a vehicle more than five years old under gift, personal baggage and transfer of residence scheme, but it doesn't mean you cannot import such vehicles at all. Check out the latest version of Trade Order for such type of vehicles.

You also need to ensure the minimum stay abroad for importing vehicles as gift, personal baggage etc. For personal baggage, the minimum stay abroad is 180 days within the last seven months preceding the date of application and for gifting a vehicle or importing under transfer of residence it needs to be at least 700 days during the past three years.

You can gift a vehicle to a family member only resident in Pakistan, so if you're importing car for a friend that won't come under gift scheme. Further, cars with engine capacity of 1800 cc and above and 4x4 vehicle in new condition can be imported under personal baggage or under gift scheme, and the duty and taxes will be paid out of foreign exchange arranged by the local recipient.

Hope the above guide works enough to clear basic questions about importing new cars to Pakistan. If you've any further questions or want to buy used cars in Pakistan, do visit

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